Monday, May 4, 2015

Honeymoon in Style in Kerala by Getting a Tour Package

Kerala is a majestic land located in the south west part of India. Touring Kerala can be a fun and unique honeymoon experience. It offers some of the best scenery and attractions in India. With so many amazing attractions and beautiful lands to see, a Kerala honeymoon tour is the perfect getaway to unwind, and explore. You will create memories you will cherish for a lifetime, while catching some sun on the beach or laughing until your heart is content while cruising on a Kerala houseboat. No matter what you seek, a Kerala honeymoon tour is sure to quench your thirst for romance, adventure, culture and fun.
Things to Do in Kerala
Take a day cruise of places like Kumarakom, a beautiful backwater destination that offers many activities to keep you busy. Take in the flocks of birds along the water, witness the brilliance of nature in the mangrove forests or gaze into the serene waters around you. You may also like to try Cochin-Munnar, a place that can only be described as paradise between the Arabian Sea and Western Ghats. Steal away to a romantic candle light dinner, gaze in awe as you watch the sparkling waterfalls in Cheeyappara, or trek through the Shola forests. You may want to try a cruise on an Alleppey houseboat as well. Give your taste buds a treat when you try the delicious Kerala cuisine and marvel at the mystic rivers and canals. Take a stroll on the beach and watch the waves roll in or possibly witness a traditional snake boat race. Enjoy some sun under the palm and coconut trees while letting the calm wind swim through your hair. Visit the Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary or do some shopping in Panjim City and mingle with the locals. Take in the unique mixture of Arabic, Portuguese, Dutch, British and Chinese cultures while visiting spice plantations or the Mangueshi Temple.
The Experience of a Lifetime
A Kerala honeymoon tour is an experience that will leave you in awe and take your breath away. Spend your honeymoon in a land that many people can only describe as paradise and delight in all the wonderful things you see. Whether you are looking for adventure or a romance filled trip of a lifetime to celebrate your love, Kerala has everything you seek and more. With so many destinations to explore and historic lands to discover, leaving will be the hardest part of your trip! 
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