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Most Beautiful Unknown Places In India That You Must Visit

Explore Offbeat Places In India That Will Fully Stump You!!!


Are you tired with the known traveler trails? Looking for a holiday escape to a new place? This festive season takes an escape to explore the offbeat places in India which offer an amazing experience. Drip the hustle & bustle of urban life and get ready to indulge in exploring the most beautiful unknown places in India. Holidays in these unknown locales of the country are truly unforgettable. You get the chance to explore rare natural scenic beauty, unknown cultures and to experience a surplus of new things. Moreover, the offbeat destinations in India offer the buzz of a soothing breakout and help to collect certain precious memories also.

Some of the Unexplored Places in India 

India is the land of mysteries, epitome of tranquillity and lots of charms, and a visit to this colorful nation will leave you enthralled. There are many offbeat destinations in India to quench your wanderlust or to rediscover yourself. If you are an intrepid voyager searching for offbeat places that are away from the usual tourist trail, read on the article to get to know about unexplored places in India.  

Nameri National Park, Assam


Nameri National Park


It is one of the unheard destinations in India for wildlife. Nameri national park has everything that the other wildlife spots do. It is located in between Arunachal Pradesh & Assam, which has the blend of hills and plains. This place offers a wonderful stay in authentic individual bungalows to embrace the wildlife and to deeply know the Assamese decor. There you get also the chances to indulge in various activities like trekking, eco-camping, rafting, and safaris. 

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Halebidu, Karnataka


Halebidu Karnataka


It is a city with a magnificent past adorned with the beautiful collections of charming shrines, sculptures, and temples. It is the dream destination for archaeologists, historians and is also called as Gem of Indian architecture. The magnificent temple complexes and stunning Jain sites will make your journey as the remarkable one. The destination attracts the tourists from all over the world with its rich heritage, architecture, and can be a great showcase of culture, footprints of certain important events of the past.

Jawai, Rajasthan

Jawai Rajasthan

It is the best place for wildlife enthusiasts located in the Pali district of Rajasthan.  Also one among the best offbeat destination in India where you can spot a leopard in the daytime also, so it is called leopard hills of India.  A visit to this place will let you visualize the ranges of wild animals and birds. A stay at the leopard camp of Jawai bounded in the wilderness is also the demanding tourist activities in this place. Luxurious tents, authentic Rajasthani cuisine, and rustic lamps ensure that a trip to this destination is adventurous as well as exotic.  

Damro, Arunachal Pradesh


Damro Arunachal Pradesh


It is the base to the longest hanging bridge in Arunachal Pradesh and surely an unseen route to heaven. The place charms with its oscillating suspended bridges, thatched bamboo houses, sights of harvested crops, rich meadows and simple lifestyle of the natives.  These specialties of this region are quite welcoming. Out of certain offbeat destination in India, it is a rural kind of an escape for exhausted urban occupiers. 

Nelliyampathy, Kerala



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It is the ideal choice for nature lovers who looking for offbeat places in India. The stunning hill station is situated 60 km away from Palakkad town and always remain as the fascinating destination for vacationers. It is rich with the orange cultivation, bio farming, tea gardens and much more. The main highlights of Nelliyamapthy are its varying heights of hills and the diversity of activities that grab the attention of travelers to this hilly place. Another attraction of this tourist spot is the classy British bungalow, Pagalpandi.  Each traveler has the choice to indulge in activities like camping, trekking, tea plantation tour, boating etc.  


With so many offbeat destinations, visiting these places in India can be a fabulous experience. Holidays in these lesser-known places of the nation are truly memorable. Nowadays, many people are searching for unexplored places from the charted routes. Moreover, the offbeat places bid the thrill of a soothing retreat and make your trip as the most of it in your travel diary. So if you have an urge to visit these unexplored places in India, pack your backpacks and head out, you won't regret it! 

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Plan and Book Your Holiday Package to Kashmir at Best Deals

Exploring the Beauty of Paradise on Heaven with the Best Holiday Package to Kashmir


holiday package to Kashmir

Now the holidays knocking at your doorstep and you are planning for your trips. If you are chosen Kashmir as your destination, then I can say that it is the right choice as your holiday venue. You will be charmed with the magnificence of Kashmir valley and you feel blessed to have spent your leisure time there. Kashmir is one of the most beautiful holiday destinations in the world, it is known as heaven on earth. If you are planning to give your family a visual treat, then it is the best holiday destination, you can go through the various holiday package to Kashmir to enjoy the beauty of this mesmerizing land. A visit to the beautiful tourist places of Kashmir touches your heart synchronize with the driving waters and also the foggy air spellbind your whole trip on this wonderful land. 

Best Time to Visit Kashmir


Kashmir is the all season holiday destination however still the most effective time to go to Kashmir is throughout the months of March to October. At this period, Kashmir has pleasant weather conditions. This best time period covers 3 major seasons in Kashmir i.e. spring, summer and autumn; the spring season blossoms, summer seasons cool weather, and the autumn season’s red and gold hues of time of year all offer the height season for Jammu and Kashmir travel. For those tourists who want to enjoy the chilling weather and have an interest in skiing, then the month December to early March is the best time, it is the season of winter where the entire valley wears a white blanket of snow.

Go with the fun things in heaven on earth for incredible holidays

Kashmir has numerous adventurous activities and spot to offer you as well. If you need to enjoy those activities then you need to know about some of the offered activities in Kashmir which will let you another world of happiness and satisfaction.

Shikara Ride:


Shikara ride

Shikara ride is the most relaxing activities in Kashmir, captures the Srinagar beauty on the slow movements of Nagin and Dal lakes. The views of vibrant houseboats and shikaras on the banks of lakes add hues to the encircling charm and coolness. 

Stay in a houseboat: 

houseboat in kashmir

A wonderful stay in the houseboat will let you another astonishing experience in your lifetime with your beloved ones. These houseboats are distributed all over the Dal Lake and the charges for stays in the houseboats might vary, based on the type of houseboat you are looking for.



Trekking in kashmir 

It is one of the most exciting and fun activities in Kashmir, which lends travelers to create another spectacular experience in their life. Trekking in the heart of snow-capped mountains casting various reasons for visitors to travel to this place again and again. 

Mountain Biking: 


If you have an adrenaline rush for exploring the scenic valleys, snow-capped mountains, lakes on a bicycle then Kashmir is the perfect spot. This challenging and thrilling mountain biking is the amazing fun activity loves by tourist to do during their holidays in Kashmir. 

Horse Riding: 


horse riding in kashmir

For exploring the more breath-taking tourist's areas in Kashmir in a fun and thrilling mode, then horse riding is the preferred choices for you. So traveling from the horseback let you to thoroughly enjoy the views of lush meadows and rolling hills which in turn mark your Kashmir trip a more memorable one. 

So, choose your favorite fun activities to do in your Kashmir itinerary by planning your Kashmir trip with Lumiere Holidays

Get Mesmerised By Breath-Taking Beauty of Kashmir


Kashmir tour package from Kerala

Kashmir is a perfect spot for honeymooners, friends, romantic lovers, adventure lovers and family. If you have not been to Kashmir before then give Lumiere Holidays a chance to spectacle you the scenic beauty of Kashmir. We are one of the top leading tour operators for Kashmir tour package from Kerala. We bid best deals on Kashmir tour packages to apt with your budget and to give you an amazing remarkable experience of life. Providing budget and luxury Kashmir tour package for couples, individuals, families, groups, adventures etc. We can promise you that this Kashmir trip undoubtedly offers an unparalleled experience to a visitor. Although this paradise land is herded with travelers year round then it still feels unscathed and unexploited, and this is the magic of this magical land. We provide following holiday package to Kashmir which will be affordable for all kinds of travelers.

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